Music and Emotions

by Lukas Brauer
August 4, 2022

Music is an essential part of people’s everyday lives. Every rhythm expresses a different array of feelings. Every note played touches the listener’s heart and soul.

How does music change your mood? What genre are you listening to when you’re sad, happy, or in love?

It is indeed that the presence of music has a wide range that affects you, taking you into a deep understanding of yourself and influencing how you feel at the moment of time. It requires connection and meditation to become aware of your inner thoughts while listening to and working with music.  In addition, when the lyrics are connected to your real-life experience and have a significant impact on your personal and mental emotions, you can feel that a piece of music belongs to you that can affect your mood.

Music has a style of communicating directly to your soul and heart.   You might not understand why a song affects you, but your emotions and thoughts will. For a range of factors, music has already been found to have a strong influence on our moods.


In this article, we will highlight key effects of music on human feelings and emotions, which will assist in gaining further knowledge about music.

1. Form A Memory

Did you know that music causes your brain to release dopamine, which aids in memory consolidation and recollection? That is why emotional responses while listening to music cause you to reminisce about past events and experiences that have happened in your life. As shown in the conclusions drawn in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, dopamine is a neurotransmitter that participates in your holistic development by accommodating your mental and emotional factors, which serves as a pivotal role in the influence given by music.

The pleasure of music brings back your memories so, when you listen to old music from when you were a teenager or music you loved back then, you seem to travel back in time and feel all of the memories that happened to you when that song was released. 

Like a music producer, you may have encountered this type of scenario whereas listening to your own recording songs as well as having a vision of the past while working with live concerts, festivals, or other events as a result of dopamine being released in your brain. The connections you form, such as images and scenarios, while listening to or releasing music, have an adverse effect on how our brains become emotional and how memories themselves are aligned throughout music processing. In this case, music producers and other musicians could indeed create a piece of music that has a profound impact on the listeners.

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2. Reduce Stress

Music can also be your coping mechanism when you feel anxious, stressed or depressed. Ideal music for reducing your stress is a certain genre like classical, instrumental, or calm music. It is also favorable to listen to your personal favorite music from any genre or much more aurally pleasing if you own recording songs. That is why music is the most powerful weapon in the battle against our adversity, circumstances, and difficulties, bringing light and hope to keep going and believing in yourself. Did you know that listening also has other messengers’ hormones in our brain that cause us to feel excited and enthusiastic because of endorphins? Music can also cause the release of endorphins, which not only make you feel better but also help people who are dealing with anxiety, sadness, and can strengthen your immune system mobility. Most of the musicians do more than entertaining others when you play a song, start dancing, working with music or play different instruments in front of your audience. You also stimulate endorphins.

Besides, music effects have been associated with motivational melodies and meaningful advice behind every piece of music played that can uplift your spiritual and mental emotions, such as worship songs that can truly make you feel alive and inspired to keep trying to push yourself in to the place of contentment, happiness and can truly accept yourself. This will encourage you when you are going through a difficult time in your life. You must remember to incorporate relaxing music into your tracks and beats in shaping the music in order to touch the souls of your listeners.

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3. Create A Positive Vibe

Music can also be your companion on your journey to happiness. Upbeat, reggae, and various rock music can help improve your mood. Typically, these have positive lyrics and an energetic beat, such as groovy and optimistic pop-rock music with an electrical drum beat to create a hard and heavy upbeat song. The magical power of music can easily change your mood, boosting a positive energy that helps you calm down, relax, meditate, and focus on what you’re doing, which can minimize a certain distraction in your surroundings.

Furthermore, music has the ability to elicit emotional states such as positivity. It has the ability to make you laugh, as well as make you feel sad. If the beat, rhythm and tempo match up with you in a positive way or vice versa, even if you are going to listen, playing musical instruments, or performing on the stage, it diverts your energy that will change your entire mood instantly.

For instance, upbeat music would be useful for freshening your day, boosting your mood, and pumping up audiences in a wide range of areas.

Whatever type of music production you do, or whenever you work with recording artists or bands, your role is to create positive vibes towards your colleagues and provide a welcoming set-up, particularly for outdoor live music events such as soundtrack to the party at night, music festival, or any raves events.

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4. Improves productivity

It is far more important than making tasks more efficient in all aspects of life. Music can do amazing things to help us get through boring chores, start waking up, study or work at home, and stay productive in our exercise routine. We spend so much time at work, doing chores, and exercising that it becomes boring and tedious because it is a repetitive task on a daily basis. Listening to familiar music to create a lively and immersive environment is a must to be productive.

The tempo of the music affects you in imploring productivity because the fast-paced rate of the tempo or what we call Larghetto makes your work faster on the other hand if you want to feel free and doing yoga, which can also enhance your creativity and unwinding, grave type of tempo is perfect with this. According to an expert, the genre that is most likely to increase an individual’s productivity is more on sounds of nature or classical music, because there are no lyrics, which lessen and minimize distraction and thus can enhance the feeling of being motivated and inspired in continuing your task.

Ready all your favorite songs on your playlist!

On the other hand, technically speaking, a music genre that has a negative effect on performance and productivity is also based on your personal preference. If you simply hate a particular musical genre, hearing it will cause you to be distracted and can cause you to be unmotivated.

Whereas obscure music causes you to lose concentration and distract you from what you’re doing.

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Music has the ability to lift your mood, increase your productivity, and create positive energy within yourself. It can also release dopamine, which affects memory recall, and endorphins, which are responsible for making you feel excited while listening to and working with music. What music instills in your brain is what gives you thrills and chills, which affects your emotional experience and enters your life in a variety of ways, specifically increasing your pleasure when listening to the music and having an eagerness to work with it.

Music is clearly therapy and medicine, capable of pulling strings of heartache and offering enough for everyone. The presence of music in the world makes it a better place, as it can help you with everything from creating a positive effect on your brain to being productive in your entire life.

What music can do for you is truly incredible!

Stay tuned for more upcoming blogs about music! Comment below on how music has changed your life.

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