Submit your music to a record label (including secret tips!)

by Lukas Brauer
September 8, 2021

In this article, I’ll guide you on how to submit your music to a label and eventually get a record deal. I myself produce music for over 10 years now and I know what it takes to get the deal. I also talked with industry experts who work at Sony music, Warner music (owns Spinnin’ Records) and someone who has his own sub label at Armada Music. This article also covers unknown and very effective ways to get your music heard by record labels. Wheather it’s EDM, house, techno, slap house, deep house, trap or a chilled tune, this article got you covered.

Getting supported by a record label is a huge advantage as they help you grow and give your name more credibility. Someone that wants to DJ at a festival and says that he is signed to Spinnin’ gives way more credibility as someone without a label.


Have the right song

Make sure you have a completely finished and already mastered track for the record labels. The track should 100% convince you and you should be confident to show it to others.

To prove that you’re not the only one feeling (and perhaps also singing alone in the car) the song, make sure to ask your friends and family for their honest feedback. It is also recommended to let someone look over your song who is experienced in producing, someone like you. The record labels are looking to turn a profit with your song so it should be perfectly suited for their fan base.

Here are some more things to keep in mind:

  • Don’t send unfinished projects
  • Put all your heart and soul into that song and let it people hear
  • Your song should be catchy right from the beginning and have a “wow” effect
  • Have the perfect vocal and make sure it’s royalty free


Finding your label

You most likely already have some labels in mind that you want to reach out to but you always need to be open minded and look out for your options.

So look up your favourite musician that are in the same genre and do a google search. You’ll get information what label(s) they’re in so you might want to reach out to them too. You can even email or direct message them on Instagram and ask them about how they got into their label and


Reaching out

When it comes to reaching out to your labels you should be creative. These labels are receiving thousand of submissions every single day and labels often don’t have the time to listen to every single one of them or only the beginning. Look up on Google on how to reach out to them and avoid contacting them on Instagram or other unprofessional ways. The standard way to do it is via email or an demo submission form on their webpage. You also can contact the A&R workers from the label directly in case you have their contact information.

When it comes to writing the email, remember that a catchy subject line is very important as this is your first impression. I listed some uncommon yet effective examples of subject lines below.

  1. Listen to “Feel It”… You won’t regret it
  2.  Check out my new banger and sign me
  3. People would like to hear this masterpiece at Tomorrowland
  4. Feel the heat through your speakers with “Generation Rave”
  5. You might be missing out on something

Next to the email. Make it not too long but the message should be clear to understand when bringing your message to the labels.

Do not be overly dull when drafting your email message.

Instead, you might discuss

  • What distinguishes you from others?
  • What are some of your favorite songs that you’ve won so far?
  • What makes you a perfect fit for the label’s theme?
  • The significance of music in your life

Your story about how you got to record this music must be fascinating.

Important notes:

  • Never attach files to the email
  • Use a private SoundCloud or cloud link instead


They might check back

If the labels like your track they often want to hear more from you, so it is important to have other tracks to show them as well so they can better plan ahead.

When they are happy with everything, you will most likely have a quick chat with them on the phone so you get to know each other better and talk about the business as they want to get a fair cut of your future earnings. They’ll send you a contract and at the moment you sign the contract, you made it! Congratulations!


Be open to them for judgement

Acceptance by a record label is entirely up to them.

However, we advise you to let the music label decide on the quality of your music. Tell the label what stage your music is at in your message. And that you’re willing to make modifications if necessary.

It will show them that you are serious about your work and willing to make quality improvements.

Hence, they might end up giving you their best suggestions, if not acceptance.


Some secret yet effective hacks

Internship at a record company

One of a good friends of mine made an internship at Kontor Records, Germanys biggest label for EDM and house music. That was a very smart move as he not only learned a lot about producing music and  how record labels work but also made amazing connections, some of which later became very good friends.

This way he was directly at the label and talking to all these cool people with similar or the same interests. He managed to show his music to the team and they loved it. So you should never underestimate the value of being well connected within the music industry.

He has grown a big fan base, attends festivals and has over 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

Send a package direct to the label’s mailing address

Another thing you can do which is very uncommon but makes you stand out from the crowd is to send an amazing package or letter to the labels. You can be very creative when it comes to that.

DJ in front of the record label’s headquarter

I heard of someone getting the record deal playing his music in front of the companies headquarter. This shouldn’t be to intrusive but this way their employees get to hear your music and perhaps all of the label’s workers will talk about you.

Being the one contacted by the labels

Record labels also often reach out to people when they notice a song of them is blowing off. This might be on TikTok, Spotify, YouTube, Instagram Reels and so on. So always work on your songs and make them big even without the support of a label. They might reach out to you later to do a licensing deal on a blowing up song from you.

The Takeaway

Getting signed to your favorite label is nearly everyone’s dream when producing music and you will achieve it if you work hard enough.

You must be patient rather than waiting or being disappointed by the message. If you don’t get any response in 24 hours, don’t give up.

It’s possible that the label’s creators are busy or otherwise occupied. As a result, this response may take longer than intended.

Even if you don’t receive a response, keep your spirits up and try again.

After you’ve put in all of your efforts, remember to keep your chin up and your motivation high. Don’t get discouraged if your music gets rejected. We have great faith in your abilities. All the best!

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