Vocals FAQ

What are the difference between the packages?

Non-Exclusive Pro Package: Wet vocals, Dry vocals (3 Vocal Takes), Harmonies & Ad-Libs (if applicable) – All in high quality WAV audio format.

Non-Exclusive Expert Package: Wet vocals, dry vocals – but also with the separated stems (separated instruments as WAV files) and MIDI files (the chord and melody files of the track) – make sure to bring in your own elements and don’t use the song “as it is”

Exclusive: Full ownership of the song and only sold once.

Prime vocal: Strictly limited to 10 purchases – “exclusive” while benefiting from low prices

Can I use the vocals commercially?

Absolutely. Feel free to make as much money you want and generate unlimited streams on online music platforms. You can also use the stems. The acapella vocal tracks can’t be licensed or sold to anyone else by you.

Are the vocals royalty-free?

Yes, the vocals are completely royalty free and can be downloaded directly after the purchase.

Do I need to give the artist/vocalist credit?

No, unless explicitly stated on the vocal product page.

Is the instrumental included?

The track behind is included in the expert package. You’ll get the different stems in WAV audio format such as Drums, Piano, Bass, Guitar, Pad, Pluck and so on. On top of that, you get the melody/chord files (MIDI files) and often the packages also include some extras such as presets or some one shot sounds/samples.

Can I use the instrumental stems royalty-free?

Yes but you need to make sure that your new track is at least a little bit different. Bring in your creativity to call it yours.

Where can I release my new track?

You can release your track on all streaming platforms, offer your track as download, release your track with a label and so on.

What are wet Vocals?

Wet means processed audio. Wet vocals are the vocals which are already edited and have effects on them such as reverb or delay.

What are dry vocals?

Dry means unprocessed audio. They are not edited yet and give you the full customisation capabilities.

Are your vocals only available on Vocalfy?

Yes. Our vocals are exclusively produced for Vocalfy – therefore you will not find our vocals anywhere else.

How many vocal takes will I get with my purchase?

You get at least three lead vocal takes, harmonies and ad-lib’s if applicable.

What are the limitation with the vocal licenses?

You can’t resell or sub-license the vocal itself. You may not create new samples out of the vocals to sell as a sample pack. You can use the vocals for your music or your clients projects. Exclusive license has no limitations as you own the exclusive vocal.

Do I have full ownership of the track made with a non-exclusive vocal?

Yes totally, when you use a Vocalfy vocal you still own your track and can collect 100% of the royalties. The ownership of vocal itself is owned by the Singer / Vocalfy LLC.

Can I publish my track to a publishing rights organisation?

Yes, you also don’t need to give credit to Vocalfy or the singer.

What does not overused vocals mean?

We ensure that you get a vocal which is not used by a lot of people. We will remove vocals before we consider them overused. We determine that on factors such as total number of buyers, success of currently released tracks and the time the acapella has been on Vocalfy. This way we make sure that your vocal is not overused so you can safely use it with peace of mind. Our rare non-exclusive vocals also benefit from low prices.

Can I let another singer re-record the song?

Yes, you can do that with no problem.

What if my label or distributers asks for the lyrics writer?

You may use the name “Alek Jenssen”. He is head of lyrics at Vocalfy.

Can I ghost produce a track with a Vocalfy vocal?

Yes, you may only sell the new track to one party and tell the buyer that you used a Vocalfy vocals where our license terms apply.

Do you offer a refund?

We do the best to ensure that you are happy with your purchase. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee, so in case you are not satisfied with your purchase, send us a message.

I have more questions, where can I contact the support?

Feel free to contact our support here. We usually reply you within 1 – 24 hours during working days.

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