What Music Software (DAW) does David Guetta use?

by Lukas Brauer
September 8, 2022

Are you a young producer? If so, you’ve reached the right article for inspiration and motivation in your music career.

In this article, we will highlight some successful producers, their DJing recipe, and which DAWs must be used to begin with.

To start with, let’s analyze first the importance of technology in music. We all know music and technology are tightly connected; each genre is accompanied by the use of various technologies and tools. There will be no funk music without the presence of drums and rock instruments such as electric and bass guitar, which are the primary sources for rock and roll compositions to be created. It is similar to working as a music producer in terms of your techniques and the necessary tools you need in order to create a successful production in the music industry.

Probably the first thing that comes to mind is which DAW you should use to start making your track distinctive and popular?

In this case, we compiled different music producers to inspire you and sight what the various music software they used to make an iconic remark in the world of music.


Let’s check a little background about David Guetta, who is a famous music producer, song writer, mixer, and one of the highest paid DJs in the world who collaborates with other celebrity artists such as Sia with her iconic “Titanium” songs that became a hit song around the year of 2011, The Black-Eyed Peas with their remarkable songs entitled “I Gotta Feeling”, and one of the latest songs produced by him is “Crazy What Love Can Do” with a perfect summer vibe with an incredible beat, and many more artists.

David Guetta began his interest in EDM in 1988, when the genre was still relatively new in the music industry. The most important aspect for him was the beat used to create music, as well as the energy and vibes he showcased in each performance.

He also claimed that “creating a song that connects the hearts of the listeners” is the recipe for his entire life career in the music industry. He also explained that recognizing your strengths, realizing what you are good at, and possessing a strong purpose in bringing all of your commitment into achieving your life career in music and getting encircled by people who believe in you and encourage you is an ideal way to become a good producer. For example, if you are skilled at listening to different melodies, you should approach your work with admiration and love for what you are doing.

Another way to motivate him in doing a better track is by listening to other DJs to keep Guetta’s music fresh and appealing. He stated that he enjoys listening to DJs such as Afrojack, Avicci, and Nicki Romero.

Below you will find out the different music software (DAW) does this legend being use in his previous electronic dance music;

In his collaboration with Sia, FL studio is the music software he used according to his interview, to finish the mix and arrangement of the songs in making the crowd pumping and enjoying the beat with a guitar into it that makes the song iconic worldwide.

Hence, Ableton Live is the most commonly used DAW in his production and live performance; one of the videos on his YouTube channel explains how he makes a track with it. He also guarantees that each song he releases will have a huge impact and a distinct beat among listeners, providing a memorable experience for each of the live concerts he will attend, and one of the DAWs for him to create a new track easier. Ableton is unquestionably the best DJ software available.

He also tried out various music software, particularly Pro Tools and Logic, in order to collaborate with his fellow music producers who uses this kind of music software. In contrast to the other DAWs he mentioned, Ableton is the most likely preferred software for him to create incredible electronic dance music.

To fully understand how he became a legend in Dj’ing with the use of Ableton live check out this video link!


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Now let’s talk about David Guetta hybrid set-up in his music recording studio


These are the Hybrid Set-up of David Guetta

1. Pionner DJ DJs – 1000

Guetta’s DJ setup is user-friendly in terms of creating a unique beat and making an advanced sound of your track.  Pionner DJ DJs – 1000 has 16 multicolored step input keys and allows you to quickly create a new rhythm section. The multicolored LED keys make it easy to remember the track sequence. These sixteen buttons can design to generate a sequence of your choice. In relation, the velocity mode is the volume controller for the involvement of tension on your track. You can use this to transport and to save tones, sounds and your music productions, or you can connect the DJS-1000 to your laptop thru USB port to transfer files to its internal memory.


For further information about Pionner DJ DJs – 1000 check out this link provided: Pioneer DJ DJS-1000 Standalone DJ Sampler Review – Digital DJ Tips

2. Arturia Micro Freak

This type of instrument in a music recording studio has a PBC keyboard that detects your touch and allows you to easily play notes. The more values and pressure you apply to your track, the harder you must press the keys. You must practice and perfect your performance in order to get the most out of it. Being in the digital era has many advantages, such as the ability to create any type of sound you would like to have. A single system of this digital hardware contains summer, chill, and hardcore vibes.

If you want to learn more about this instrument this source might helpful for you:

Arturia MicroFreak (soundonsound.com)

3. Roland TB-03

Guetta also includes the Roland TB-03, which was released in 1981 and is extremely useful for electronic dance music. It includes built-in effects, and it’s easy to program your own pattern of sound. It features has an overdrive, feedback, and delay in addition to putting an effect to your sound of choice. Overdrive and delay completely alter the vibe, ranging from soft to nasty frequency distortion. To add to that, developments in fine tempo control make programming more efficient. 


Click this article to perceive other features of the Roland TB-03: Roland TB-03 Bass Line Synthesizer | Sweetwater

4. Eventide Space

Eventide Space is ideal for experimenting and creating a unique result for your track like Guetta. It has twelve effects to experiment with, so do not be worried to use it until you get the desired result. Besides that, you can always go back and restore the factory settings from when it first started. Creativity and instantly looking for the perfect effect for your music recording. With the use of eventide, it can also enhance the recording and quality of a sound.

Take a look this article that might also help you in discovering the purpose of Eventide Space: Professional Review Of Eventide Space Reverb Pedal For August 2022 (musicalityrealm.com)

5. Seymour Duncan Studio Bass Compressor

 This compressor will produce a smoother sound effect on your instrument. The Studio Bass’s three frequency switches (high, medium, and low) are among its most powerful features. There are also blend knobs and a toggle, which provide fairly close tone control by allowing you to mix tones with an effect sound on them. It is also user-friendly in controlling the tune of sounds you would like to create, from hard metal music to soft dynamics. Its price is quite reasonable for its purpose in operating the best kick and punch you must put in your recording.

To further discuss the specification of this studio bass compressor please click this link: Seymour Duncan Studio Bass Studio Grade Compressor Bass Effect Pedal | Reverb

Watch this video to deeply understand on how he used this hybrid set-up


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To sum up the important details about David Guetta, the most important for him is “making a song that connects and touches the hearts of the listeners” while enjoying the beat and ambiance of his performance. In fact, regardless of the other software he tries, Ableton Live is the best music software for him. Take note that using appropriate tools and software that you are comfortable manipulating is the best place to start.

Djing and working in the music industry is a versatile career. Passion and commitment on your chosen path are the key to succeed in work life experience.

Do what you enjoy and love, and success will come!

I hope this article will help you in your music career!


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