Where to buy EDM vocals? (in 2022)

by Lukas Brauer
September 12, 2021

If you are searching for the right voice for your track, it is often hard to find the right vocal. Producers are always struggling to find the right accapella for their track. This article gives you a clear overview about the options you have when it comes to having acapellas for your music. Often you ask yourself, where can you buy vocals for my music?

Whether the vocal is for house, trap, tropical house, slap house, tech house or techno, this article got you covered and shows you the option you have.

Table of contents:

Pre-Made Vocals

These are vocals which have been already recorded, also refereed as “top-line vocals”.

Below, you’ll see sites to get pre-made topline vocals.

vocalfy logo black

On vocalfy.com you will find a good, if not even the best selection of royalty-free vocals on the internet. Pricing is cheap and you can hire most of their singers at reasonable pricing. Professional and highly customizable vocals as they offer at least three dry vocal takes. Vocalfy.com is the right place to buy exclusive as well as non-exclusive edm vocals. The vocals get deleted before they are considered as overused. Terms are easy to understand and there is not much effort needed to find the right singer.

Splice has by far the biggest selection on vocals and you can find some good ones when subscribed. That’s a quite good deal to be fair. The big problem with splice vocals are that each vocal has likely been used hundreds if not even thousands of times. Splice lack also in customization capabilities far behind as you only get one vocal take. Splice is an awesome tool to get samples and some vocal snippets to play around but not the perfect option for your song.

Looperman offers a big selection on free vocals, which were uploaded by singers. You need to search a bit but you might find a good one. You can filter by BPM, Genre, Vocal Style etc. Note that not all of their vocals are royalty free and you might need to contact the singer before using the vocal in one of your songs. Still, Looperman is awesome for people who are just starting out and want to play around with some vocals. They have vocals from all different kinds of genres.

Spinnin’ records is one of the most well known edm labels on the planet. They sometimes offer awesome contests, where you can download their remix stems and when submitting your track, maybe even get your remix signed. Vocals are in the EDM genre. Click on contests in the menu to see the current tracks where you can download the stems and vocals.

Freelancing marketplaces

When it comes to getting the right vocal, you often also want to hire a singer directly, but what are the options you can choose from to get the right vocal for your track?

Most vocalists don’t offer lyrics writing so you either need to write them yourself, hire someone or hire directly a vocalist which offers lyrics writing too.

When hiring someone for your lyrics, make sure that the songwriter also offers a vocal melody service, so that you can send the vocal guide to your singer as the singer needs to know how to sing the lyrics. Listed below are the best options when hiring someone to sing your song. 

Fiverr is the most widely used marketplace for all different kinds of services. Fiverr also has a category for singers and sometimes you can find pretty good deals there. If you go to search good singers, you will need to invest some time as in my experience only 1 out of 30 singers will meet your standards and requirements. The good thing about it though is that you can listen to previously completed projects of the singers to get a better understanding whether the singer is the right fit for you.

SoundBetter is a company bought by Spotify to help artists find the right person to hire. It is similar to fiverr but SoundBetter only focuses on musicians. Prices are way higher and the vocalists better. To hire someone, you always need to contact the freelancer first.

Finding singers on your own

If you prefer to find singers on your own and doing rather a collaboration than paying the singer, there a couple of different ways to find singers. This will be much more time consuming but that will eventually pay out.

YouTube is a great way to find singers. Simply type in something like “Cover” + a popular song that fits in your genre. Now you see a lot of singers but most of them are farely famous and get hundrets of collaburation requests every day. You can try it but don’t expect they do this collaburation for free/just with royalty splitting.

To find smaller artists, either scroll trough the pages or sort the videos by upload date. This way, you will see a lot of unknown singers.

Often, the singers link their Instagram in the video description. If not, try to find the singers contact info by entering the name into google. Sometimes you’ll also find the singers email on the about tab on the YouTube channel.

You can also use Instagram hashtags to find singers. Use hashtags like:

#cover #coversong #covervoice #singing #mesinging #femalevocalist #malevocalist

Just DM the singers you like and ask them if they would be down to collaborate.

The Takeaway

You have many different options to choose from when it comes to acapellas. Finding the right vocal or the right vocalist isn’t always that easy. Starting right away with a vocal from Vocalfy and building a track around it made the whole process more productive and cost effective since you don’t need to spend the big $ on overpriced vocalists and songwriters. If you prefer to hire a singer and are on a budget, go to Fiverr. If you’re willing to pay the extra money to get the better vocalists, use SoundBetter.

Spice up your music with these vocals.